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Difference Between Netbook And Notebook

We have all heard of a Netbook as well as Notebook. Before we get into the difference between them both, let us see what exactly is a Netbook and a Notebook.

Notebook: Notebook is a term used for portable computer, sometimes interchangeably in place of a laptop. However it is thinner and lighter and has a better battery life than a laptop.

Netbook: Netbook is a small version of a Notebook, which is used mainly for travelling purposes.

Besides this one liner definition for each of them, we will understand them better once we see the difference in their functionality and architecture. So, what really makes them different?

Here are a few points listed that would clear how a Netbook is different from a Notebook.

1. The screen size for Netbook is between 7 and 10 inches and the screen size for Notebook is between 10 and 17 inches. So the Notebook is bigger in size, while the portability of Netbook is better since it is lighter in weight.

2. A Netbook does not have an additional Storage Drive but instead has ports so that external drives can be used along with it and a Notebook has all the inbuilt drives as present in a Desktop.

3. A Netbook, because of limited features, is less expensive than a Notebook. A Netbook is used mainly for surfing the net and using basic computer accessories, while a Notebook is used for all functions since they are equipped with powerful processors and a better resolution than a Netbook.

4. With respect to processor Netbook uses a processor that would use less power like Intel Atom Processor, and since the processor would have less speed, as the hardware is less there, the battery stands for a longer duration. The battery can continue for as long as 10 to 12 hours without charging intermittently. On the contrary, a Notebook uses either Intel or AMD processors and works well since it has a large hard drive and can handle the power used by the same. In Notebooks, the battery drains much faster since they have a larger screen size.

Tablet PC Comparison 2010

A tablet pc is a bridge between a laptop’s functionality and a Smartphone’s portability. Let us have a glimpse at top 3 of them and compare what makes them better than the other to enable us to decide on our choice before going ahead and purchasing one of those fancy as well as a handy and a useful piece of tech item for all those who are forever on the go!

Apple iPad

Apple iPad is clearly the most dominating tablet as of today and best one to invest your money in. Along with a good display and a cool interface it is also equipped with a good battery life extending up to 10 hours. Since Flash is missing, it makes many applications handicapped and the lack of camera brings down the dimensions of this tablet multifold. But the fact that it carries the trademark of Apple, itself convinces that users would not regret purchasing this piece. For a couple of features missing, it still is the most promising tablet available in the market.

HP Slate 500

One of the most promising and ubiquitous tablets that has genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit installed on it and an Intel Atom Processor. For those users are comfortable using Microsoft operating systems, this one is a strong recommendation. All applications that have been built for windows are applicable here. Appearance wise, it’s got a good, solid built. The screen is good but it’s recommended not to use this under direct sunlight. Since the VGA output is missing, there might be a problem connecting to projectors as majority of the projectors use VGA.

Performance wise, the tablet is quick and boots within seconds with a fast screen rotation. Finger print reader is however missing, which is meant to be an integral part of business tablets. Cameras have a low resolution but works well for video conferencing. As with all tablets, if used a lot for typing, a traveling keyboard is recommended.

Dell Streak 7

Before Dell Streak was introduced, there was a wave whether the Streak Tablet will top the iPad or not? It is 5 inch high resolution tablet which comes with sufficient accessories and uses Android 1.6 Operating system. The screen is visually appealing but takes time to switch between both the modes of the tablet: portrait and landscape. It has a Qualcomm 1GHz mobile processor. Now this one carries a front facing VGA camera and it supports 3G, is Wi-Fi enabled and has Bluetooth to facilitate smooth internet surfing experience while you are on the go. Battery life is a drawback and just like HP’s Slate, the touch screen feature isn’t too good either. Besides few of these drawbacks, the design of Dell Streak stands out. Booting time hardly takes few seconds so speed is placed at a good average. It’s a multipurpose tablet with which you can use the phone, browse the net and the camera is a wonder which gives clear and sharp images.

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Kindle wireless reading device from amazon is an exceptional, much loved and the best selling merchandise. As its name indicates it stimulates the consumers.

Following is the review of the latest model ‘Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation’ by amazon store.

8.5 Ounces slim and lightweight product: To fulfill the long cherished demand of consumers, amazon’s team worked hard to craft the new Kindle in a lighter and slimmer version. You can use it for hours easily. It fits in your hand perfectly due to its 3rd of an inch profile.

Ergonomic Device: We all know that when a person reads something for a long period, he changes his position many times. With the help of the page-turn button on both sides, you can read and turn pages from any position. It is very easy to hold on for a long period.

Always stays cool: Kindle never turns hot. You can use it as long as you wish.

External softwares not required to use Kindle reading device: It is a wireless electronic device. You can use it without the worry of installation of software or availability of electric connection. Computer is not required for Kindle’s new discovery.

A month long battery: You need to charge Kindle only once in a month. But if you use it for shopping and download, the duration of battery life shows some kind of inconsistency.

USB charge battery: You can charge battery of Kindle with your computer’s USB port by using micro-USB cable and U.S. adapter.

More than 3,500 books: With its only 8.5 ounces weight, kindle provide you access to over 3500 books. You can own all books as complete Kindle Library is with you always.

Search out books in one minute: With Wi-Fi network technology, you can search and download material in less than a minute. Books and Periodicals are delivered to you in 45-60 seconds. Speed of the download depends upon the nature and size of content.

Automatic archive: If you want to re-download any deleted book file, you can do so without worry because re-download of books is free with Kindle.

Categorization of collections: You can categorize your books and periodicals in your Kindle library as history section, my favorite books, my favorite writers, poetical section, fun section etc. without difficulty. You can access newspapers free of cost as well.

Relax with your easy reading: Just like a physical book, you can relax while reading. The aim of the latest design of Kindle is to help you in reading with ease.

New Wi-Fi En suite: Kindle can detect Wi-Fi network at home, workplace and recreation places automatically. If you want to use Kindle, a password is required to ensure safety.

Access to AT&T Hotspots without any charge: You can download and do shopping too at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. without any registration fee.

New Paper-like Screen technology: For clear images they have used latest paper like screens and font technology so that you can turn pages faster. You can even choose the style of the font just as in a computer.

Enjoy sun bask while reading: You can easily read the content even in sunlight. Kindle’s latest technology eliminates glare impact.

Explore, lexicon and wikipedia: With the use of Kindle Search feature, you can explore everything of your interest. You can even mark the pages and footnotes when you are making notes. You can also send the relevant material to your friends via Facebook, Twitter etc directly. You can even assess Wikipedia with your wireless kindle hand set.

It would not be any gainsaying the fact if I say that Kindle is the best that the latest technology has to offer as far as online book reading and possession is concerned.

Buy such an amazing revolutionary product here: Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite

Mobile Phone Dangers

mobile-phone-dangersWherever you may go, you always find a person talking over a mobile phone. Even at a place where the cell phone is prohibited you can find a few people talking over their phones or at least using the SMS facility of their mobile phones.

An Explosion In Cell Phone Use

Mobile phones have become a craze the world over and especially in the last decade their use has increased tremendously. More than one billion users use the cell phones all over the world. As a result, at any given time there are a lot of phones that send their waves of different frequencies in the in the air. So, people have become increasingly concerned about the danger from these cell phones. According to a study, the cases of brain cancer have increased in the last decade, after the introduction of these phones. All the more, brain tumors have been found to occur at the same spot where persons keep their phone while talking. It is implied from such studies that long-term mobile phone use may be a cause of brain tumors and brain cancer.

Why Are Cell Phones Dangerous ?

Actually, when we use cell phones, they emit radiation. The level of this radiation is though quite low. However, if we use the hands-free gadget, exposure to this radiation is increased. Some experts point out that apart from the health related danger of cell phones, the danger of inattentiveness is more prominent. When people are using cell phones, they become oblivious of their surroundings and are at an increased risk of meeting with an accident. Driving becomes careless and your life as well as the life of other people is in grave danger. If you use a hands free set, you can use both the hands properly, but you attention is still with your mobile phone. The risk of an accident is still very high.

Is There Any Ray Of Hope ?

Everything is not that gloomy and pessimistic. A study in Denmark that involved more than half million cell users indicates that there is no solid proof that brain cancer is related to cell phone use. However, studies do indicate that the persons who use analogue phones are at risk of brain diseases. So much variance in studies has led to a divergence in opinion regarding health risk from mobile phones. More studies need to be done before arriving at a particular conclusion. Also, now cell phone companies are devising ways so that the exposure to radiation while using phones can be reduced to a minimum. Gradually, this exposure will be totally eliminated by the rapid advancement in technology. So, until then, you should avoid talking over mobile phones for hours at a stretch and should not use them while driving or while walking on roads. You should not think about throwing your mobile phones away as they are of great use in the modern day world.

PDA or Cell Phone

cellphone-pdaThe mobile phones that are coming in the market these days are so advanced that it would be a misnomer to call them mobile phones. They don’t just make or receive calls but do numerous other functions. Electronics has become so cheap these days that many facilities like GPS, cameras, calendars etc. are even easily available on the not so costly models.

Difference between  mobile phone and  PDA

There is a very fine distinction between a cell phone and a PDA. Both have similar functions and both use communication with the Internet or similar on-line services. The only difference being that a PDA is meant to assist you and therefore has advanced functions that are specifically designed. With the advancement in technology, the functions of a PDA are increasingly finding their way into the mobile phones.

How to choose the right one

If you are desirous of buying a cell phone or a PDA, you should take the help of the Internet. There are many forums on the Internet that deal with specific cell phone models. You simply have to feed terms like ‘cell phone review’ or ‘cell phone forum’ in a search engine and you would get what you are looking for. You will come to know about the merits and demerits of various models. You should read reviews to know about certain aspects of a mobile phone like, holding ability, reception quality, sound quality, menu accessibility etc.

Be specific

Always keep in mind your needs before buying a particular phone. Are you in need of a camera? What kind of picture quality you want in your camera phone? Do you really want FM or fancy cellular phone ring tones? These questions must be answered before buying a phone because if you get specific you would surely get the best cellular phone for yourself. Similarly, if you are a frequent driver, you must take into account the blue tooth. With this you will be able to connect with a variety of other electronic devices that are close by.

Get the latest knowledge

Yes, it is also an important step to adopt before buying your cherished and best cellular phone. The technology has advanced so much that there are many functions that we are not even aware of. Certain hands free kits can be installed in your cars so that you don’t have to be much disturbed while you are driving. You can even add memory cards to your phones and that would enable you to store even full-length movies in your phone. Some latest phones even have a mini computer chip installed in them and can perform many complex functions with great speed. So, you can have wide-ranging data with you without bothering about your laptop. If you cannot do without Internet and ought to know about the latest news and happenings, you must go in for a phone that has a built in browser. You can even receive and send emails while you are far away. You don’t need to carry your heavy laptop with you.

Tips For Buying Cell Phone

cell-phoneTechnology is advancing at such a rapid pace that everyday we get to see new mobile phones with highly advanced features. So, when you go to purchase a mobile phone you must be sure about the features that are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

These days the customers have a large range of choice as far as the mobile phones are concerned. Almost every model uses the latest technology. It’s only the price factor that is to be seriously considered otherwise no phone is inferior to others in the same range.

It’s but natural that a costly phone will be more advanced, reliable and feature-laden than a cheaper one. If you want one of the best phones in the market, you ought to shell out a considerable amount of your hard earned money. Therefore, highly sophisticated phones are not everybody’s cup of tea.

There are many persons who want a mobile phone only for the purpose of making and receiving calls. They are least interested in the added features and therefore aim at a cheap phone. So, you also should consider your requirement before buying your desired phone. Sometimes we allow our desires to overflow and buy those things, which only seem total wastage of money after some days.

Today, there is a great competition in the mobile phone industry. This is quite beneficial for the customers as they get a wide choice as well as are not looted by the companies. If there is monopoly of one company, it surely will charge extremely high rates to its customers but thankfully the competition in this industry has kept many of the mobile phones within the common man’s reach.

All the more, the mobile companies keep on luring their customers by launching new models in the market on a regular basis. This is also pleasing for the customer. But it poses one problem also. The customers are not able to concentrate on one particular phone.

So, if you want to buy a phone, you should do a lot of research about it. You should surf the Internet and try to read a sizeable number of product reviews so that you come to know about the merits and demerits of that particular phone. You should read reviews by the common people as well as by the experts and then arrive at a decision.

Mobile Reserve Battery

Sometimes, the battery of your mobile is low and you are waiting for an important call. The next step is to charge your battery with a charger. Suppose, the charger is not within your reach. You are in a serious fix. For such problems many companies like Nokia have developed phones that have the facility for a reserve battery.

You simply have to dial *3370# and our cell will start working on the reserve battery. All the more you will get as much as 50% extra battery backup. You even don’t want to worry about this reserve once it gets depleted. The next time you charge your phone this backup reserve will get refilled automatically.

Tips For Buying Blackberry

blackberryAll of us have heard about blackberry. If you have not done so, it simply means that you are living a secluded life away from the world, in a cave, forest or a wasteland. The next point is that even if you have heard about blackberry what is your information level regarding it. Just read below and acquaint yourself with the technicalities of blackberry.

The term Blackberry is applied to those mobile communication instruments and gadgets that enable you to perform a large number of different tasks apart from mobile communication. For example, you can read and answer to your emails using your blackberry mobile phone.

If you get a mail in your mail box a signal will appear on your blackberry screen that would inform you about the message. You may be traveling or out of your country, you need not check your mailbox again and again for new messages. In fact, you can perform so many functions using a blackberry that it has been called as an all-purpose gear for personal communication.

The manufacturers of blackberry term it as ‘Complete Package’, which includes software, airtime and all the features of mobile communication. Black berry is available in many developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, India etc. but its availability is increasing rapidly and it has been predicted that it will be readily available and highly used in majority of the world in a decade from now.

Black berry uses a couple of narrow bands for it’s functioning. It can also work on the GPRS network as it does in the United Kingdom. A blackberry is very easy to use and therefore has reaped a rich harvest of praise from its users. Its interface is extremely user friendly and the keyboard  also appeals to common sense. Many other such gadgets have very complicated keyboards but this is not the case with blackberry.

The reality is that the persons who use a blackberry get addicted to it and cannot even think of using any other similar device. If you are desirous of owning a blackberry, you should tread with caution. Though blackberry is extremely popular the world over, it does not mean that you can afford to be careless.

Do proper research. Surf the Internet. Approach the shops for the latest specifications. Take brochures from them and study them properly. Try to get only that kind of blackberry devise that is a perfect match for your present and future needs. You got to be technology savvy, if you really want to make the most of your Blackberry.

You can even opt for those blackberry products that are on sale. They are available both in the real world as well as in the cyber space. If you are able to find those retailers that specifically deal in the sale of blackberry products you will definitely strike a perfect bargain. You may also visit auction sites and other overstock sites to find cheap and good products.

Tips To Buy PDA

pdaIf you want to buy a PDA, you must be extra cautious while doing so. There are so many factors to be considered prior to buying one. You have the money factor as well as the specification that are required for your work. Buying those features that are not required by you is a sheer wastage of money.

Just ask yourself a question. What do I want my PDA to do for me? The answer to this question will surely take you on the right track. PDA is the abbreviation for ‘Personal Digital Assistant’. So, it should assist you and not overburden you with useless features or put you in some kind of botheration. Your life should become smooth and not knotted by its use.

Once you have bought a PDA, you need not upgrade it even after a considerable amount of time. As is the case with much other software, they need to be upgraded at least annually. You need not worry in this regard as far as your PDA is concerned. It can be considered a one time and safe investment.

A PDA is designed to perform a variety of tasks. It can be your address book and it can even take your notes. You can use it as a calculator and a GPS navigator. Many other features are also there depending upon the make and price of the PDA.

First of all, you should take into consideration the memory factor of your PDA. If you regularly work with large word files and multimedia files, you must go in for a PDA that has a large memory. There are some types of PDA that have an expandable memory. These will also be a good fit for you if your workload is very high.

Then, you have to consider the dimensions and weight of your PDA. If you are a very delicate type of person or are not in a habit of carrying heavy or cumbersome things with you, you must aim at smaller and lighter PDA. Last but not the least, you should consider the battery life of your PDA. If you use your PDA to a great extent, any type of battery may get exhausted. Then you can resort to extended battery life also.

You can get your PDA from a physical store as well as online. I would like to advise a thing. Since PDA is our personal assistant and you have to carry it along with you for a considerable amount of time, I suggest that you buy it from a physical store. This way you will be able to judge the exact size and weight of your most-suited PDA.