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Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS Protocols

When we wish to surf pages on the net, we usually write the URL in the address bar for each of them starting with http:// or https://. What makes the web address different while using any one of them, keeping the entire address same besides this and where lies the difference? Let us understand what each of these, http and https stands for followed by their difference.


HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol symbolizes how information is transferred in to and fro direction between the client machine and the web server. Here, protocol signifies the language in which the information is transferred. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol transmission would take place over PORT 80, via a wire. When you write http:// in the address bar, it indicates that the website you are visiting is lacks security features, enough to caution you, not to share confidential information across the net. The information transferred to the website can be available to third party making it vulnerable.


HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is a safe and secure way of transferring information from the client machine to the web server. The ‘S’ in the end is what makes HTTPS different from HTTP, tagging it with extra security. HTTPS Protocol was brought forward by Netscape and was introduced as an inbuilt feature into Netscape’s browser. PORT 443 is used in HTTPS while interacting with TCP/IP, instead of PORT 80 as used in HTTP.

While we use http, for surfing normal websites, https, on the contrary is used while logging into online shopping sites where the credit card information is disclosed to maintain the security of information passed. The first page that you encounter while entering https in the address bar is “You are about to view pages over a secure connection.” The moment you type https, the interaction with the website is made secure where no third person can have an access to the details you put forward, there.

For this reason, you need to be careful that you never enter your bank or login details into any http website. The risk factor is maximum for such websites to be given your sensitive information across.

What Are Internet Cookies?

You must have heard of ‘cookies’ stored on your computer and that at times you need to clean them regularly while at other times they are useful for fast and easy filling in of forms and information on the net. So what exactly are these internet cookies or web cookies and why are they needed?

Internet cookies are the files that store data on the user computer and the server. The reason for storing this data is so that when required, it can read it for a fast access and simultaneously, saving in a lot of time while entering information in a website, since that bit of information has already been collected and stored on the user’s PC. Cookies are mainly stored by online shopping websites to keep a track of your purchases and information entered and save you from entering them again and again.

How these web cookies function can be understood better following this example. When a user visits a website, the first time the web server tracks the visit and with every subsequent visit thereafter, it checks on which pages are visited more often than the others by the server gathering cookies from your browser and keeping a track of your surfing.

The kind of information cookies trace are your computer’s operating system, browser that you are using, your internet connection, and IP address. Cookies are usually safe but all cookies can’t be trusted that can track confidential information you share on the net. Cookies can be classified into two types:

1. Session cookies: The life span of these cookies is till an individual’s stay on a particular website. The moment that particular website is closed, the cookies associated with it are gone too. Session cookies are there to enable a user to surf easily, where the information about each page visited, gets accumulated simultaneously.

2. Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored on the PC and each time the user visits a particular website, the cookies enable the user to enter information that has been entered before and now saved as cookies. Every browser has settings where you can fix the amount of time you want the persistent cookies to be stored.


Once cookies are stored on a website, the user need not enter the same information manually every time. Information that has been fed the first time can be retrieved later.


One security lapse that a cookie has is, anyone using your computer can access your important information stored via cookies.

What is Web Proxy Server ?

Proxies are store-and-forward caches. When you configure your browser to use a proxy, but never connect to the URL. Instead, always connect to the proxy server, and he asked for the URL for you. Proxies can be used as a kind of firewall, because it isolates you connect to the Internet.

How does a proxy server work ?

A proxy server receives a request from an Internet service (such as a Web page request) from a user. If the filter requirements, the proxy server, assuming it is also a cache server, looks in the local cache of previously downloaded Web pages. If it finds the page, give it to the user without the need for the application to the Internet. If it does not in the cache of the proxy server as a client on behalf of the user, uses its own IP addresses to the page of the server on the Internet. If the page is returned, the proxy server on the original application and send it to the user.

For the user, the proxy server is invisible; all Internet requests and returned responses appear directly addressed to the Internet server. (The proxy is not completely invisible, its IP address
must be specified as a configuration option in the browser or other protocol program.)

web-proxy-serverWhat are the advantages of using a proxy server ?

An advantage of using a proxy server that the cache can serve all users. If one or more Internet sites are frequently requested, these are likely to be in the proxy’s cache, which the user response time. In fact, there are special servers called cache servers.

The functions of proxy, firewall, and caching can be in separate server programs or combined in a single package. Other server programs can be on different computers. For example, a proxy server on the same machine with a firewall server or it can be on a separate server and forward requests through the firewall.

There are several types of proxy servers with different properties, some are anonymous proxies used to hide your real IP address and some are used to filter sites containing material that may be unsuitable for people.

When you connect to a website, your real IP address will not be shown, but the proxy servers IP will not mean that you are completely anonymous. The proxy server will have logs of IP’s that uses the proxy server and the times.

So why would you use a proxy ?

You can use a proxy server if you have a child and the desire of the sites they view, make sure you have the right kind of proxy because not all proxies filter sites. You can use it to protect yourself, it can be used to hide your IP which is useful because it means hackers can not information about you in their use. They will only proxy servers IP. Proxy servers are not hard to install, no hardware or software, you only need to configure your browser to connect through.

Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers), all users use a proxy server, for example in the United Arab Emirates, the leading ISP, all users use a proxy server which blocks sites with inappropriate material. It does this using the meta tags in the HTML code used to access the web page. Some ISPs can offer you a choice, so you can use or not. If you want to use a proxy server, there are many around with different functions, you only need the one that suits your needs best.

Child Safety On The Internet

As a parent you have the responsibility to your children with good education, nice clothes and a lot of other wants. That does not stop, you are also expected to ensure that your children have the right moral development. With the spread of the Internet, there is a concern about the safety of children on the Internet. Although much effort has been to protect children against the vices on the Internet, more desirable.

Although the internet can be a tremendous source of learning and provide hours sensation to the children, it is also dangerous in the same measure for the moral development of young people. As a result, parents have concerns about the safety of their children behind the scenes with the most censorship software showing vain. Over the years of the Internet, there is concern about the pornographic content, such as videos, pictures and text information. More extreme situation has evolved with the popularity of chat rooms and instant messaging. It is well know how some adults will benefit as children and chat with un-suspected children, while in some cases organizing secret meetings with the children. Although some sites have some security check-points to prevent such scenarios, the majority failed playoff.

child-internet-safetySome web sites have explicit images of children exposed. Only few of them, the warning messages on their own pages to the attention of the user of the nature of the material therein. This is a huge problem for children as there is no control on the entry of the site. Spam mails morally inappropriate photos, videos or information is another concern for most parents. The list is endless.

Although there is no one technique can be used to guard against unsafe exposure of information to our children, a number of Internet safety for children can ensure that children are safer. It is good to advise your children not to reveal their personal information online. Details such as real name, location, school, phone numbers and so on. Advise your child never to accept to meet a person from the Internet without the presence of a parent or guardian.

It is also good for the amount of time your child remains online. Too much time on the Internet will probably go to your children to more unsafe content. You can also use software tools that are designed to filter out explicit sites are opened to ensure the safety of children online.

Presentation of the network security For Kids is one of the few books written on the World Wide Web that presents information on how to monitor your kids’ Internet usage and how to keep them safe.

Importance Of Security For Websites

While doing research for her thesis money laundering, a law student competition often employed the use of Google. Obviously, this was useful in the course of writing her paper. On her dismay, her method began to break when they typed in key words and they led her to a nasty site not relevant to money laundering to be.

Originally they believed that the problem could be with the search engine or the Internet, but the frequency and repeated nature of the problem made her think that someone had bugged her computer. The defense of our bugs in the human nature is an easy task. In contrast to the law student was confronted with adware and spyware bugs, whose attacks are difficult to eliminate. The fact that the law student used her computer to write and research her paper is good evidence that they are not well enough trained in the technology to ease the fight in these computer bugs.

security-for-websiteThe student is the case similar to that of many people who are caught in the advance technological problems of spyware and adware. Despite the fact that it is not a popular part of the English until 2000, the origin of the word ‘spyware’ is dated 1995. As the name suggests, this may be the ‘intelligence’ of personal information through a computer program or script.

Logging keystrokes, scan the hard disk, and the treatment of the web browsing history, the ways in which this can be achieved. Although it sounds like something from a James Bond film, everyone can be a victim of spyware. The invasive monitoring of internet activities makes it safe to call the affected victims. Spyware can understandably be used to spy on criminals because such use is beneficial for society, but how about using this type of program to intercept credit card data, etc. “With spyware to spy on criminals would be for society, but the use of these program to steal credit card information in and of itself criminal. Anti-spyware programs should never be regarded as “optional” for each computer.

While the blocking of spyware, you should also block adware and malware on your system is fully protected. Blocker for harmful spyware and adware programs are easily accessible on the Internet. Spyware, adware and malware bugs prove that the computer need not be self-multiplying, such as viruses and worms, to prevent the normal use of computers. Unfortunately, the huge delay of infected computers is one of the side effects that may result from these programs. Together with the problems they cause, some spyware sneaky enough to hide from detection, making the crime remain unpunished. Combating the problem before it starts, by installing a good lock is the way to go.

How To Use Internet Fax ?

internet-faxYou can send and get fax messages over Internet easily by using Internet fax service. You just subscribe to an online fax service. You will also be provided with the facility of slashed rates and many other such advantages. Once you subscribe to any such service you can send and get instant fax messages from all over the world. There is no time restriction. The only prerequisites are a computer with an Internet connection and an e-mail ID.

A variety of online fax services are available on the Internet. These companies offer free as well as paid services for their customers. The free services are also worth it. But if you want to avail the full benefits of an online fax service you ought to go in for a paid service. While using free service you are entitled to sending and receiving a limited number of fax messages only. No other advantage is offered to you.

As far as its usage is concerned, it is quite an easy task. It is similar to sending and receiving e-mails in many respects. The first step as mentioned above is to avail the subscription of an online fax service. Then you are given an exclusive Internet fax Id. It is very similar to your email Id. It is our Internet address at which other people will send their fax message to you.

You will also be asked to create your own new Id in that domain in which the service has been placed by the service provider. Then you will be ready for sending and receiving emails.  Actually, it is the space in the cyberspace where you will type your fax messages. It is also the place where the fax messages from different persons will be parked.

Once you send your fax message, it goes to the server of the service provider. There its format is changed so that it attains a suitable file format. It is in this format that your message is sent to the desired recipient. The message may go into the recipient’s mail or directly to the fax machine.

A major advantage of using online fax service is that you are able to send messages instantly to any part of the world. There is also no limitation as to what number of messages you want to send at a particular instant of time. Moreover the conventional method of sending fax is quite cumbersome and is also prone to paper jams and other related problems.

This service is even cheaper that the conventional fax service. So, you get the added advantage of speed as well as economy by subscribing to an online fax service. Don’t forget to do required research so that you are able to save your hard-earned money by striking the right bargain.

Watch TV On Internet

internet-tvAll of us watch TV as well as surf the Internet. But have you tried Internet TV? Well, many people are unaware of the latest technology that enables us to use the Internet in an interactive way. In simple words, Internet TV means that you get the facility of watching TV right from your computer or laptop.

In fact, Internet TV is an extension of the capabilities of your computer. You type on your computer, transfer files to different gadgets, play games, surf the Internet etc. But this is not the full use of your computer. Internet TV is a new concept but it does not interfere with the other functions of your computer.

Those persons who are not able to view TV because of a variety of reasons, would now get all the latest news, sports, movies, sports and all the live programs right there on their computer.  Most of the matter that you want to find on the Internet is in the form of text and series of pictures. The videos where available are not of a very high quality and lack details.

All this will end with the Internet TV. Now, you would get the high quality live as well as prerecorded videos right on your computer screen. Internet TV stations are available throughout the world. More than 150 countries all over the world have access to Internet services. So you can think of the variety of channels and information that you can get on your Internet TV.

The surprising thing is that you don’t need any additional hardware to watch Internet TV. This is the miracle of the latest technology. In the past you were to have a PC TV card but now even this has been dispensed away with. Moreover, the broadband service has become increasingly cheaper and efficient with the development of technology. This mode of Internet allows for viewing of first-class streaming videos on your PC.

internet-televisionYour Internet connection should have a minimum speed of 56k for watching TV on Internet. With this speed you can get satisfactory picture quality on your PC. If you opt for even more speed, no one can stop you from enjoying the highest quality of pictures and videos. One more consideration is there. And that is your server capabilities. If our server is not up to the mark even higher speed may not provide you with good video that you see on your DVD.

The market of Internet TV is expanding at a fast pace and more and more channels are being added every day. The big players in the Internet field have recognized the potential of Internet TV and are increasingly working on its enrichment and expansion.

Google, American Channels, BBC etc. all the big name have started collaborating with each other so that good quality content can be produced for Internet TV. Warner brothers also have started many channels and have thousands of hours of top rate content with them.

Now you need not depend on the limited number of channels in your area. You also don’t have to be at the mercy of your cable operator for good quality and faultless reception.