PDA or Cell Phone

cellphone-pdaThe mobile phones that are coming in the market these days are so advanced that it would be a misnomer to call them mobile phones. They don’t just make or receive calls but do numerous other functions. Electronics has become so cheap these days that many facilities like GPS, cameras, calendars etc. are even easily available on the not so costly models.

Difference between  mobile phone and  PDA

There is a very fine distinction between a cell phone and a PDA. Both have similar functions and both use communication with the Internet or similar on-line services. The only difference being that a PDA is meant to assist you and therefore has advanced functions that are specifically designed. With the advancement in technology, the functions of a PDA are increasingly finding their way into the mobile phones.

How to choose the right one

If you are desirous of buying a cell phone or a PDA, you should take the help of the Internet. There are many forums on the Internet that deal with specific cell phone models. You simply have to feed terms like ‘cell phone review’ or ‘cell phone forum’ in a search engine and you would get what you are looking for. You will come to know about the merits and demerits of various models. You should read reviews to know about certain aspects of a mobile phone like, holding ability, reception quality, sound quality, menu accessibility etc.

Be specific

Always keep in mind your needs before buying a particular phone. Are you in need of a camera? What kind of picture quality you want in your camera phone? Do you really want FM or fancy cellular phone ring tones? These questions must be answered before buying a phone because if you get specific you would surely get the best cellular phone for yourself. Similarly, if you are a frequent driver, you must take into account the blue tooth. With this you will be able to connect with a variety of other electronic devices that are close by.

Get the latest knowledge

Yes, it is also an important step to adopt before buying your cherished and best cellular phone. The technology has advanced so much that there are many functions that we are not even aware of. Certain hands free kits can be installed in your cars so that you don’t have to be much disturbed while you are driving. You can even add memory cards to your phones and that would enable you to store even full-length movies in your phone. Some latest phones even have a mini computer chip installed in them and can perform many complex functions with great speed. So, you can have wide-ranging data with you without bothering about your laptop. If you cannot do without Internet and ought to know about the latest news and happenings, you must go in for a phone that has a built in browser. You can even receive and send emails while you are far away. You don’t need to carry your heavy laptop with you.

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