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Difference Between Netbook And Notebook

We have all heard of a Netbook as well as Notebook. Before we get into the difference between them both, let us see what exactly is a Netbook and a Notebook.

Notebook: Notebook is a term used for portable computer, sometimes interchangeably in place of a laptop. However it is thinner and lighter and has a better battery life than a laptop.

Netbook: Netbook is a small version of a Notebook, which is used mainly for travelling purposes.

Besides this one liner definition for each of them, we will understand them better once we see the difference in their functionality and architecture. So, what really makes them different?

Here are a few points listed that would clear how a Netbook is different from a Notebook.

1. The screen size for Netbook is between 7 and 10 inches and the screen size for Notebook is between 10 and 17 inches. So the Notebook is bigger in size, while the portability of Netbook is better since it is lighter in weight.

2. A Netbook does not have an additional Storage Drive but instead has ports so that external drives can be used along with it and a Notebook has all the inbuilt drives as present in a Desktop.

3. A Netbook, because of limited features, is less expensive than a Notebook. A Netbook is used mainly for surfing the net and using basic computer accessories, while a Notebook is used for all functions since they are equipped with powerful processors and a better resolution than a Netbook.

4. With respect to processor Netbook uses a processor that would use less power like Intel Atom Processor, and since the processor would have less speed, as the hardware is less there, the battery stands for a longer duration. The battery can continue for as long as 10 to 12 hours without charging intermittently. On the contrary, a Notebook uses either Intel or AMD processors and works well since it has a large hard drive and can handle the power used by the same. In Notebooks, the battery drains much faster since they have a larger screen size.

Tips For Buying Cheap Laptop

used-laptopLaptops have become extremely popular these days. Every person prefers to have a laptop for work or fun purpose. State-of-the-art laptops are being introduced into the market at a rapid pace. These new laptops are available at a very high price range. But you need not be disappointed. You still can get a good quality laptop at cheaper price. I have listed some points that will prove very useful in your endeavor of buying a high quality and an inexpensive laptop.

1. Buy A Laptop Of Older Make

Actually, technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that new and better products are being produced with considerable tempo. Same is the case with laptops.

2. Buy Used Laptops

Yes, this is also an effective method to save your valuable money. Products like laptops have a very high depreciation value. According to an estimate a laptop is worth half its original price after about an year. You will find a plenty of old laptops in good condition.

3. Buy Laptops From Gamers And Power Users

This is also a way to get a cheap laptop because gamers and power users have to continuously upgrade their electronic gadgets. They cannot compromise on an older technology. So, go and hunt for your friends or acquaintances that are addicted to gaming. They may have laptops of almost latest technology and they might be desperate to sell those so that they can buy the absolutely latest one.

4. Search In Gaming Forums And Communities On Internet

People who join such forums are addicted to gaming and would do everything to get the latest technology to run their latest games. You should search for trading sections in these forums and you surely will strike a fruitful bargain.

5. Search The Local Bulletin Boards

If you have any such bulletin board near you, find enough time to go through it. Similarly, if your locality has a lot of software companies, there may be a lot of such bulletin boards that you market not be aware of. Make a sincere search for them. Actually, software companies have projects at their disposal. After the completion of each product they tend to sell their computers and laptops. Many acquaintances of mine have benefited enormously from such cheap bargains.

6. Get Used Laptops That Have 512 Mb Memory

If you take care of this thing, you will not be ever disappointed from your purchase of an old laptop and thus get proper value for our money. What I mean to say is that old laptops have old processors whose speed is not that fast. But having 512 Mb memory will make up for this lack of speed and you will find your laptop suitable for your work. If you want to run an application on your laptop, 512 Mb memory will take care of almost all the applications.