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Mobile Phone Dangers

mobile-phone-dangersWherever you may go, you always find a person talking over a mobile phone. Even at a place where the cell phone is prohibited you can find a few people talking over their phones or at least using the SMS facility of their mobile phones.

An Explosion In Cell Phone Use

Mobile phones have become a craze the world over and especially in the last decade their use has increased tremendously. More than one billion users use the cell phones all over the world. As a result, at any given time there are a lot of phones that send their waves of different frequencies in the in the air. So, people have become increasingly concerned about the danger from these cell phones. According to a study, the cases of brain cancer have increased in the last decade, after the introduction of these phones. All the more, brain tumors have been found to occur at the same spot where persons keep their phone while talking. It is implied from such studies that long-term mobile phone use may be a cause of brain tumors and brain cancer.

Why Are Cell Phones Dangerous ?

Actually, when we use cell phones, they emit radiation. The level of this radiation is though quite low. However, if we use the hands-free gadget, exposure to this radiation is increased. Some experts point out that apart from the health related danger of cell phones, the danger of inattentiveness is more prominent. When people are using cell phones, they become oblivious of their surroundings and are at an increased risk of meeting with an accident. Driving becomes careless and your life as well as the life of other people is in grave danger. If you use a hands free set, you can use both the hands properly, but you attention is still with your mobile phone. The risk of an accident is still very high.

Is There Any Ray Of Hope ?

Everything is not that gloomy and pessimistic. A study in Denmark that involved more than half million cell users indicates that there is no solid proof that brain cancer is related to cell phone use. However, studies do indicate that the persons who use analogue phones are at risk of brain diseases. So much variance in studies has led to a divergence in opinion regarding health risk from mobile phones. More studies need to be done before arriving at a particular conclusion. Also, now cell phone companies are devising ways so that the exposure to radiation while using phones can be reduced to a minimum. Gradually, this exposure will be totally eliminated by the rapid advancement in technology. So, until then, you should avoid talking over mobile phones for hours at a stretch and should not use them while driving or while walking on roads. You should not think about throwing your mobile phones away as they are of great use in the modern day world.

Tips For Buying Cell Phone

cell-phoneTechnology is advancing at such a rapid pace that everyday we get to see new mobile phones with highly advanced features. So, when you go to purchase a mobile phone you must be sure about the features that are suitable for you and your lifestyle.

These days the customers have a large range of choice as far as the mobile phones are concerned. Almost every model uses the latest technology. It’s only the price factor that is to be seriously considered otherwise no phone is inferior to others in the same range.

It’s but natural that a costly phone will be more advanced, reliable and feature-laden than a cheaper one. If you want one of the best phones in the market, you ought to shell out a considerable amount of your hard earned money. Therefore, highly sophisticated phones are not everybody’s cup of tea.

There are many persons who want a mobile phone only for the purpose of making and receiving calls. They are least interested in the added features and therefore aim at a cheap phone. So, you also should consider your requirement before buying your desired phone. Sometimes we allow our desires to overflow and buy those things, which only seem total wastage of money after some days.

Today, there is a great competition in the mobile phone industry. This is quite beneficial for the customers as they get a wide choice as well as are not looted by the companies. If there is monopoly of one company, it surely will charge extremely high rates to its customers but thankfully the competition in this industry has kept many of the mobile phones within the common man’s reach.

All the more, the mobile companies keep on luring their customers by launching new models in the market on a regular basis. This is also pleasing for the customer. But it poses one problem also. The customers are not able to concentrate on one particular phone.

So, if you want to buy a phone, you should do a lot of research about it. You should surf the Internet and try to read a sizeable number of product reviews so that you come to know about the merits and demerits of that particular phone. You should read reviews by the common people as well as by the experts and then arrive at a decision.

Mobile Reserve Battery

Sometimes, the battery of your mobile is low and you are waiting for an important call. The next step is to charge your battery with a charger. Suppose, the charger is not within your reach. You are in a serious fix. For such problems many companies like Nokia have developed phones that have the facility for a reserve battery.

You simply have to dial *3370# and our cell will start working on the reserve battery. All the more you will get as much as 50% extra battery backup. You even don’t want to worry about this reserve once it gets depleted. The next time you charge your phone this backup reserve will get refilled automatically.