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What Is New About Windows 7 ?

Windows 7 was introduced with 6 editions, each unique in its own way and yet supporting some common functionality. Each edition supports 32 bit processor. For those users who have been using the earlier introduced Operating systems, Microsoft came up with ‘Windows anytime upgrade’ which enables you to upgrade your machines to Windows 7 edition of your choice. However before upgrading, you would need to know which edition you would like to go in for. So let us have a look at what is new and different in basic features offered in each of these editions and how it makes one different from the other.

The 6 editions offered by Microsoft Windows 7 are:

1. Windows 7 Starter
2. Windows 7 Home Basic
3. Windows 7 Home Premium
4. Windows 7 Professional
5. Windows 7 Enterprise
6. Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Starter

This edition of Windows 7 has the least features amongst all other editions. It is basically meant for surfing the net. This was made for less 32 bit computers and one major feature that is missing in this is the Aero theme. This edition is not available in the retail stores and comes installed with new notebook purchase.

Windows 7 Home Basic

For users who prefer using Windows 7 Home Basic, they need to activate Windows as it includes geographical activation. It has better features than the Windows 7 Starter edition but is sold only to developing countries.

Windows 7 Home Premium

This edition is for home usage and comes with a great user interface. This edition has Windows Media Center to enable users to play, create and burn Media files with ease. It has advanced Windows navigation too like multi touch support.

Windows 7 Professional

Besides encompassing features of Windows 7 Home Premium, there are good amount of networking features added to this edition of Windows, the most prominent of them being Location Aware Printing. This works if you have to use your laptop in different places and thus default printers for each location can be selected. Another important feature which cannot be neglected here is the Remote Desktop where other PC’s can get an access to yours through internet. Another highlight that is available in Windows 7 Ultimate besides Windows 7 Professional is that a licensed version of Windows XP can run inside Windows 7 through Virtual PC.

Windows 7 Enterprise

It is sold only to companies which have Microsoft Software Assurance.

Windows 7 Ultimate

It encompasses all features of Windows 7 Enterprise, but to be used by home users. Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional users are allowed an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate using Windows Anytime Upgrade feature. The biggest advantage of Windows 7 Ultimate is that multiple languages are allowed on one computer.

Other than these 6 editions that were declared officially with the release of Windows 7, another upcoming edition is the Windows thin PC which will be up in the market in 2011, as declared by Microsoft.

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Kindle wireless reading device from amazon is an exceptional, much loved and the best selling merchandise. As its name indicates it stimulates the consumers.

Following is the review of the latest model ‘Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation’ by amazon store.

8.5 Ounces slim and lightweight product: To fulfill the long cherished demand of consumers, amazon’s team worked hard to craft the new Kindle in a lighter and slimmer version. You can use it for hours easily. It fits in your hand perfectly due to its 3rd of an inch profile.

Ergonomic Device: We all know that when a person reads something for a long period, he changes his position many times. With the help of the page-turn button on both sides, you can read and turn pages from any position. It is very easy to hold on for a long period.

Always stays cool: Kindle never turns hot. You can use it as long as you wish.

External softwares not required to use Kindle reading device: It is a wireless electronic device. You can use it without the worry of installation of software or availability of electric connection. Computer is not required for Kindle’s new discovery.

A month long battery: You need to charge Kindle only once in a month. But if you use it for shopping and download, the duration of battery life shows some kind of inconsistency.

USB charge battery: You can charge battery of Kindle with your computer’s USB port by using micro-USB cable and U.S. adapter.

More than 3,500 books: With its only 8.5 ounces weight, kindle provide you access to over 3500 books. You can own all books as complete Kindle Library is with you always.

Search out books in one minute: With Wi-Fi network technology, you can search and download material in less than a minute. Books and Periodicals are delivered to you in 45-60 seconds. Speed of the download depends upon the nature and size of content.

Automatic archive: If you want to re-download any deleted book file, you can do so without worry because re-download of books is free with Kindle.

Categorization of collections: You can categorize your books and periodicals in your Kindle library as history section, my favorite books, my favorite writers, poetical section, fun section etc. without difficulty. You can access newspapers free of cost as well.

Relax with your easy reading: Just like a physical book, you can relax while reading. The aim of the latest design of Kindle is to help you in reading with ease.

New Wi-Fi En suite: Kindle can detect Wi-Fi network at home, workplace and recreation places automatically. If you want to use Kindle, a password is required to ensure safety.

Access to AT&T Hotspots without any charge: You can download and do shopping too at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. without any registration fee.

New Paper-like Screen technology: For clear images they have used latest paper like screens and font technology so that you can turn pages faster. You can even choose the style of the font just as in a computer.

Enjoy sun bask while reading: You can easily read the content even in sunlight. Kindle’s latest technology eliminates glare impact.

Explore, lexicon and wikipedia: With the use of Kindle Search feature, you can explore everything of your interest. You can even mark the pages and footnotes when you are making notes. You can also send the relevant material to your friends via Facebook, Twitter etc directly. You can even assess Wikipedia with your wireless kindle hand set.

It would not be any gainsaying the fact if I say that Kindle is the best that the latest technology has to offer as far as online book reading and possession is concerned.

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