What Is New About Windows 7 ?

Windows 7 was introduced with 6 editions, each unique in its own way and yet supporting some common functionality. Each edition supports 32 bit processor. For those users who have been using the earlier introduced Operating systems, Microsoft came up with ‘Windows anytime upgrade’ which enables you to upgrade your machines to Windows 7 edition of your choice. However before upgrading, you would need to know which edition you would like to go in for. So let us have a look at what is new and different in basic features offered in each of these editions and how it makes one different from the other.

The 6 editions offered by Microsoft Windows 7 are:

1. Windows 7 Starter
2. Windows 7 Home Basic
3. Windows 7 Home Premium
4. Windows 7 Professional
5. Windows 7 Enterprise
6. Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Starter

This edition of Windows 7 has the least features amongst all other editions. It is basically meant for surfing the net. This was made for less 32 bit computers and one major feature that is missing in this is the Aero theme. This edition is not available in the retail stores and comes installed with new notebook purchase.

Windows 7 Home Basic

For users who prefer using Windows 7 Home Basic, they need to activate Windows as it includes geographical activation. It has better features than the Windows 7 Starter edition but is sold only to developing countries.

Windows 7 Home Premium

This edition is for home usage and comes with a great user interface. This edition has Windows Media Center to enable users to play, create and burn Media files with ease. It has advanced Windows navigation too like multi touch support.

Windows 7 Professional

Besides encompassing features of Windows 7 Home Premium, there are good amount of networking features added to this edition of Windows, the most prominent of them being Location Aware Printing. This works if you have to use your laptop in different places and thus default printers for each location can be selected. Another important feature which cannot be neglected here is the Remote Desktop where other PC’s can get an access to yours through internet. Another highlight that is available in Windows 7 Ultimate besides Windows 7 Professional is that a licensed version of Windows XP can run inside Windows 7 through Virtual PC.

Windows 7 Enterprise

It is sold only to companies which have Microsoft Software Assurance.

Windows 7 Ultimate

It encompasses all features of Windows 7 Enterprise, but to be used by home users. Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional users are allowed an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate using Windows Anytime Upgrade feature. The biggest advantage of Windows 7 Ultimate is that multiple languages are allowed on one computer.

Other than these 6 editions that were declared officially with the release of Windows 7, another upcoming edition is the Windows thin PC which will be up in the market in 2011, as declared by Microsoft.

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