What is Super Computer ?

super-computerSuper Computers, like any other typical computer, have two basic components. The first is the CPU that executes the commands it needs to do. The other is the memory that stores data. The only difference between an ordinary computer and super computers is, super computers have CPUs faster than standard computers. This particular part determines the exact speed that a CPU can work. Using complex and state-of-the-art materials are connected, such as pipes, supercomputer designers optimize the functions of the machine. They are also trying to smaller length of circuits may be connected to the information from memory to the CPU at a lesser time.

Super Computers are designed for complex calculations at higher speeds than other computers. The designers use 2 processes for the improvement of its performance first method is called ‘pipe-lining’. It doing complex operations simultaneously by grouping numbers in the same order that calculates and are transmitted to the CPU in an orderly manner. The circuits in the CPU works continuously when data is entered into it.

Another method used is called ‘parallelism’. It does calculations in a similar way than orderly. This is where it performs different data at the same time and move on step by step. A common way to do that is to connect different processors that do calculations together. Each of these CPUs work for the commands given to it to execute on any piece of information.

All supercomputers use parallel or pipeline separately or even combine its processing speed. However, an increasing demand for calculating machines to the creation of the (SMP) massively parallel processing supercomputers. It consists of several machines connected to achieving a high level of parallelism.

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